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Valentine’s day is one of the most romantic days of the year to propose. This Valentine’s day, to celebrate the launch of my newly published book “Rock Her World” – The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring. I designed and created a beautiful Valentines Day engagement ring for one lucky couple to help them on their engagement journey. After welcoming everyone, I wanted to give them a little overview on all the things that they needed to know about creating the perfect engagement ring. Expert tips on finding a diamond that sparkles unlike any other and some great options on how to protect your engagement ring once its made. Especially for the guys there were some great pointers on how to deliver the ultimate proposal. Aria Restaurant You can watch the slide show of the Rock Her World presentation here. We were even fortunate enough to be able to raise $1000 for the MASKS Foundation (Make a sick kid smile)

Valentines Day Engagement Ring Finalists

To make sure we kept the guys on their toes, we drew 3 lucky finalists. The three lucky gentlemen then had to go to the back of the room, where I could give them some proposal advice, on how to make the proposal moment memorable. The ring was under safeguard of our dedicated security guard. Who not only held the magic ring box, but two additional boxes without a ring in it. The lucky grooms to be, then had to each select a box.

Valentines Day Engagement Ring finalists

Valentines Day Proposal

With Nik finding himself the lucky winner, it was now time to propose. It was his turn to ask his special partner that question she had been waiting to hear. Nik did a fantastic job, and had many of the ladies (and some of the guys) in tears. Having told Joanne that win or lose, he was already a winner, he got down on one knee and proposed.

Valentines Day Engagement Ring

As the first one was created for Valentines day, I have decided to call this one VALENTINO. It also featured an Argyle pink diamond set into the side of the setting, and a high performance 1 carat Passion8 “Hearts and Arrows” diamond in the centre.

Valentines Day Engagement RingIf you would like to know more about this beautiful ring, please don’t hesitate to email me. We can make all our rings to suite any diamond size or quality.


Advice or tips, Engagement rings, proposal advice

tips on how to get engagedDid you get a new years proposal? If the answer is no, and you have been together for what seems like “enough time”. Maybe it might be time to take an active role and plan for your upcoming engagement. 

Plan to be engaged

Like anything in life, if you want something special you need to plan for it. Whether it is a new car, holiday or your dream engagement ring, the key is to lay some groundwork. Depending on your age and how long you have been together, you may do some, or all of these tips on how to get engaged.

Tips on how to get engaged 

I wish i could say that guys can take a hint. But the truth is, most of us will procrastinate when something seems a little difficult. For some guys not knowing what sort of engagement ring you want, can be a significant factor in putting off the engagement. Having some tips on how to get engaged and choose the perfect engagement ring can make the difference between having an amazing engagement ring that blows your away and something that you will love just because your partner chose it for you.

  1. A great option is to put in the ground work for him. Go out and visit a few jewellery stores and spend the time to find the ring you want. Have all the details written down on a card, and leave it in a place you know he will find it. Most guys will actually be grateful, that they haven’t had to walk through 10 different stores trying to find out which ring is your perfect engagement ring.
  2. Circling ring pictures from a magazine is also a good start to get him thinking that it might be time to make that commitment official. Depending on how subtle you want to be, you could try leaving them on the coffee table, on top of the remote, or even on the fridge.
  3. Tagging him in a Facebook/Instagram post. Even if you don’t explicitly tag him, as long as you are liking and commenting on a ring picture, he is sure to see it in his news feed. Of course this option will only work if he is on Facebook or Instagram.
  4. If he doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram account, you can try taking a screenshot of your perfect engagement ring and text it to him. Believe it or not, i am starting to see this tactic a lot more often. Today’s lady often knows exactly what she wants in an engagement ring, and isn’t afraid to tell her partner. 

If you think your partner is putting off a proposal because he doesn’t know what you want in an engagement ring, then we can help. We have some great tips to help guide him through that initial “looking phase” to really find out what your style is and what will look amazing on your finger. 

If that fails there is always our FREE arm twisting service to help get him across the line. You can try tweeting it here 🙂

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proposal advice

Love is a beautiful thing. It makes us do things we wouldn’t normally do. In the initial months of a relationship, even taking out the rubbish is done with a smile. In today’s world, more and more couples are living together before getting married – according to 2012 figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 75 per cent of couples are now living together before marriage. So having certain goals on your joint household ‘to do’ list is only natural. 

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Women make the decisions

So whose decision is it really? Whether to get married or not is something most ladies have a say in. Now I’m not sure on the actual numbers, but it’s a well-known fact that, while us guys think we make most of the decisions, it is actually the ladies who are the main decision-makers. If you’re lucky, your lady may even let you ‘think’ that you are in control of making the decision.

Women decide whether it is time to get married or not

This is often especially true when looking at decision relating to the home, with women having the final say on which house to buy, and basing their decision on the kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe space. Major renovating decisions are also often made by women. With the ever-increasing cost of organising a wedding, you may find yourself discussing with your partner whether to buy a ring, or a new kitchen. (If kitchens are not your thing, the choice might be between getting married and an overseas holiday or other significant purchase.)

Is it time to get married or not?

Sometimes the decision really just comes down to which one your partner wants more at the time. If the fixer upper you just moved into, has a kitchen only good enough for takeout, and you get the feeling from your partner that it’s a new kitchen or moving back in with her parents. Then maybe it might be worthwhile postponing the pending engagement while you make your new home liveable.

Timing is everything

to get married or not?For each couple, the timing of when to take the relationship to the next level is different. I have seen couples who have only been together for a matter of months before deciding to take the plunge. Likewise, I have seen couples who have been together for over 17 years, and maybe don’t really want to get married, but still choose to celebrate their relationship with a commitment ring. While there is no right or wrong length of time to ‘be together’ before marriage, one thing is for sure – once the decision has been made, it is time. A proposal is usually not too far away.

When to propose?

In my experience, the three-year mark is usually a rough guide for couples looking to get engaged. However, this time frame usually becomes shorter as you get older – some couples in their forties wait less than a year. 

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Advice or tips, proposal advice

One thing that a lot of guys are missing after they purchase the engagement ring is a proposal guide. There are a few main ingredients when planning the perfect proposal to make it magical. The first element, is to PLAN. Failing to plan, is planning to fail. A misconception from some guys is to just”wing it”, and the perfect moment will just present itself. While spontaneity is important, the key to a magic proposal is to do your researchand create a magical moment for your lady.

proposal guide PROPOSAL GUIDE STEP 1 – RESEARCH  Understand that the proposal moment is something that your partner has been dreaming about for some time, maybe even before you met. So it is crucial to find out how she would like to be proposed to. If she would like an intimate and private setting, proposing in a crowded restaurant isn’t going to go down well. PROPOSAL GUIDE STEP 2 – PLAN  A well thought out plan is always a beautiful thing to see unfold. Make sure that everything is organised and that that you build in a few contingency plans, if your plan A doesn’t come off.


 As you are getting down on one knee to ask your partner to spend eternity with you, you may feel a few butterflies in your stomach. Don’t worry – this is perfectly natural. The best thing you can do here, is make sure you rehearse a few times, the important things you want to say. There generally isn’t a do-over button, so you want to make sure you say everything right the first time.


In a recent study, 37% of women surveyed said the biggest proposal mistake you can make, is proposing without a ring. While i am sure she won’t say no, it will certainly add the experience if you have a ring specially chosen for her. Any reputable jeweller, should have an exchange policy, if she really doesn’t like the ring you have chosen. If you follow these steps, you are sure to have a moment that she will always remember, and believe me, you will definitely, be the man of the moment, when she tells all her friends about the effort you put in. Make sure you don’t do any of these proposal mistakes. 

 You can watch my Today Show Interview here talking about the 4 step guide. Karl Schwantes Today show interview


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Free Holiday

Are you in need of a holiday? Or are you planning a wedding and looking for an amazing destination to kick back and recover from all your wedding planning? For some couples, all the effort that goes into planning a holiday can really take its toll. To help we are having our annual holiday promotion. We are picking up the tab for the resort accommodation at the Paradise Taveuni Resort in Fiji. This honeymoon location is a great way to recharge the batteries and reconnect with your new loved one.

With the average Australian wedding now costing over $40,000, a relaxing overseas tropical honeymoon is something high on the wish list for brides today. Even better if it is a FREE holiday. If you have been trying to decide where to go for your honeymoon, this might make the decision making process a little easier.

Lucky couples who purchase their wedding or engagement ring from Xennox Diamonds between July and August 2014, will see themselves soaking up the sun with a free holiday in Fiji. Saving the stress and expense of planning that dream honeymoon and leaving nothing to do but relax and bask in the beauty of that sparkling new ring.

Proposal Idea

While the concept for this promotion was designed around honeymoon’s, there is no reason why it can’t be used to plan a surprise proposal, Hint, Hint !!!! Gentlemen, please take note, this location would be ideal for popping the question. The money you save on the free holiday, could even go towards the ring you will be proposing with. Now there really has never been a better time to take the plunge. It will truly be a proposal she will never forget. 

 FREE Holiday –Taveuni Honeymoon – Fiji

 Free Holiday

Taveuni Island Resort & Spa is the jewel of the Pacific. It is set in ten acres of immaculate manicured tropical gardens, and accommodates only 12 privileged couples. There are only twelve accommodations with each house positioned for maximum privacy and to take advantage of the spectacular views over the azure ocean and surrounding islands.

On trip advisor, Paradise Taveuni has received a 4 1/2 star rating from more than 200 reviews, and a 94% thumbs up rating. You can see more of the reviews here


Here are the Honeymoon details

There are three levels of accommodation on offer,

a. For purchases between AUD$4,000-$7,000 will recieve a AUD$2,000 
holiday package at Paradise Taveuni, Fiji. Inclusive of 5 nights 
accommodation, breakfast daily, return airport transfers and activities.
b. For purchases between AUD$7,001-$14,000 will receive a AUD$2,600 
holiday package at Paradise Taveuni, Fiji. Inclusive of 5 nights 
accommodation, breakfast daily, a one course lunch, two course dinner, return 
airport transfers, a Paradise Massage and activities.
c. For purchases AUD$14,001 or greater will receive a 
AUD$3,600 holiday package at Paradise Taveuni, Fiji. Inclusive of 7 nights 
accommodation, all meals, return airport transfers, Wi-Fi access, a Paradise 
Massage and activities.

All holiday packages must be booked before 30th June, 2015 and used before 30th November, 2015. You can see more of the T@C here 

 Please feel free to post any questions you have.


Advice or tips, proposal advice

re-propose To re-propose or not, is an issue that confronts a lot of men after a proposal mishap. Re-proposing, is there even such a word? Is proposing something that can only happen once? I know there are many times in our lives where we wish we had a re-do button. So if you make a mistake with your first proposal, why not re-propose and create a new memory?

Why would you want to re-propose?

Didn’t have the right ring the first time or you know that she is particular and were unsure as to which ring she would like? Weather destroyed your plans? Lost the element of surprise? Didn’t say all the things you wanted to? If you’ve answered yes to any one of these questions, perhaps you should consider re-proposing?

Proposing with the wrong ring or without one altogether?

maybe you need to re-propose ?According to a study by Theknot, 32% of women say the biggest proposal mistake you can make is not having a ring. If you proposed without a ring or it turned out to be the wrong ring, re-proposing could be an excellent idea to recreate the perfect moment. This time, you will have the right ring and the element of surprise still won’t be lost.

If you are worried about choosing the wrong ring, it might be a good idea to walk her past the odd jewellery store or two. Be mindful about timing though. Don’t do it the week before you propose as it will still be quite fresh in her mind. Ideally, try and allow a six month time frame between walking past jewellery stores and popping the question. If you are still unsure and decide to include her in the process, there is no reason why the proposal can’t still be a surprise. In doing so, make sure you reassure her that it will take place at some point it the near future. Once you have chosen the design, it could be a good idea to set a false date in the future. For example, if it is January, tell her you are planning something amazing at Christmas time, but then plan to whisk her away in June to a surprise location.

If you decide to propose without the ring, then choose a different location to re-propose. That way she won’t suspect a thing. If you do propose with a ring that she doesn’t like, try not to take it personally. Better that she says something now, then live the rest of her life with a ring that she doesn’t like. Or worse still, find out 20 years later that she didn’t like it. A beautiful engagement ring is something you should be proud of. It is always a good idea to ask about the exchange policy with the jewellery store you are purchasing the ring from should it not be quite right. That way you can re-propose with the right ring, without losing out.

Lost the element of surprise?

re-propose diamond ring pouchIf you lost the element of surprise the first time, undoubtedly you will have learnt a thing or two for the second time around. It might be because you decided to take your partner out on a date for the first time in six months. So, if you are planning a surprise proposal, it’s not a bad idea to take her out on a few “dummy dates” to throw her off your proposal “scent”. Try and act natural. Getting down on one knee and picking up a napkin off the floor for example, is only going to start putting ideas in her mind that a proposal is imminent.

Think about how you are going to transport the ring. A big ring box in tight jeans is a dead giveaway. A small proposal pouch is a great way to conceal the ring until the right moment arises. A proposal pouch is also a great idea if you are going through customs for example, as it can be easily hidden in your wallet. 

Bad weather ruined your proposal the first time around?

Weather destroyed your plans? If you were planning to go hot air ballooning and that morning a hurricane decided to come and spoil all your hard work, then it would be a good idea to re-propose somewhere else where you will be less dependent upon the weather.Try taking a drive up to the top of the mountain to make the most of that picturesque, romantic view, ideally a place that has an indoor setting that can’t be spoiled by bad weather. 

Want to surprise your wife with a post-marriage proposal?

Been married for a few years and want to surprise her with the unexpected? A re-proposal might be just what the doctor ordered. Offer to take her rings in for their annual clean and check. Make sure you get the engagement and wedding rings polished so that they appear shiny and new again. It can either be a re-enactment of your original proposal if it was amazing or you can create a whole new proposal concept. Perhaps this could be the perfect opportunity to do all the things you wish you could have done the first time? Whether that means going to the place you wished you could have afforded to take her or saying the words you wished you had said the first time around. I guarantee that no matter what you do, it will be something she will remember forever. 

If you need help with choosing the perfect engagement ring, come and see the team at Xennox Diamonds. Our friendly staff will help guide you through the process, and if the ring isn’t quite right, we will let you change it so that you can re-propose with a ring she loves.


Advice or tips, Engagement rings, proposal advice

Proposing to the lady of your dreams is one of the greatest passages of life for a young man and there can be a tremendous amount of pressure to come up with the perfect proposal. While there are undoubtedly many articles giving you ideas on how to come up with the most magical proposal, here are a few things to avoid to ensure that it is memorable for all the right reasons.

1. Proposing in a crowded restaurant with a string ensemble

proposing in a crowded restaurantWhile it might look good in a movie, I am sure it would be far from their idea of perfect if you asked a room full of ladies. Being put on the spot in front of a crowd and asked the question they have been dreaming of for years, might not be high on their romantic proposal list. While most guys think it should be an easy “YES” answer, some ladies like to take a bit of time to process it and soak in the moment. The crowded restaurant might also be a bit noisy, distracting and overwhelming to take in everything that you are saying. According to a study by Theknot, 68% of women remember what was said during the proposal, so you want to make sure she can hear you loud and clear.

2. Proposing in front of the TV

You usually only get one shot at proposing, so don’t rush it. While you might be really excited after picking up your diamond engagement ring from the jeweller, it is important to wait for the right moment. She will really appreciate you putting some thought into proposing. “Winging it” might seem like a good idea at the time, but there is no substitute for a properly thought out idea.  Let’s face it, as guys we aren’t the best communicators and don’t always have a way with words, so it is also not a bad idea to rehearse what you are going to say. The last thing you want to be doing is stuttering and fumbling through your proposal whilst telling your future bride how much she means to you.

3. Be careful with using children and animals

proposing with petsMany Hollywood producers have learnt this the hard way. Involving young children in your plans for proposing may put unnecessary pressure on them to get it right. And lets face it, pets, and even children for that matter, can be unpredictable at the best of times. The last thing you need is your animal accomplice running off with the diamond ring and burying it somewhere in the garden. Sorry gents, but the daunting prospect of proposing to your future bride is not something that you can delegate. 

4. Don’t use an old ring

One of the biggest no no’s. No lady likes to feel like she was the next one in line. Apart from the bad sentiments attached to the ring, most believe it is extremely tacky and even bad luck. Every lady is unique and the ring you choose for her should reflect that. Saying one ring fits all is definitely not going to win you any brownie points that’s for sure.  Further, it could really ruin the magic proposal you had planned if she ever found out. 

5. Don’t make the proposal about what you like

While you might have significant control over the planning of the proposal, remember this is something she has probably been waiting for for some time. While spending the day out on a boat deep sea fishing and proposing after you just pulled in the biggest marlin sounds like a fantastic day for you, I can almost guarantee you it won’t be hers. Take the time to think about the things that she likes and tailor the proposal to this. Does she like romantic walks along the beach or is she more of a snowboarding action girl?

Take home message

 Gents, if you only take one thing away from all of this, it is this;

 keep it simple, personal and from the heart.   


Diamond Engagement Rings in Brisbane

When the time does come to proposing to your partner in the most magical way possible, make sure you have the right engagement ring picked out. The friendly diamond consultants at Xennox Diamonds, Brisbane will help make the process as stress free as possible and ensure that you pick the perfect ring. But don’t worry, if it is not the right ring, we will let you change it for one that she loves. That way you can just concentrate on making your proposal the most memorable one that it can be. Contact Xennox Diamonds on (07) 3210 6288 to discuss engagement rings, or email  the team with your enquiry.


Engagement rings, proposal advice, Special event days

There is no such thing as a perfect proposal. What might be magical for one couple may be the complete opposite for another. This aside, there are a few ingredients you should include to ensure it’s the magical moment it should be for the both of you. From choosing the right diamond ring to uncovering the perfect proposal location, here are a few must have’s for planning the perfect proposal.

The Perfect Proposal Location

sunset perfect proposalLike buying a home, the right location can make all the difference. Choosing an amazing location that means something special to your partner, will really set the scene. It doesn’t need to be on a romantic island on the Great Barrier Reef. It could be where you first met, a special place from her childhood or yours, or something extreme like on top of a mountain. You don’t need to spend a lot of money choosing the perfect location, it could be something as simple as a sunset walk down your favourite beach.

Perfect Proposal Props

Adding things like signs are a great way to add impact. If you find you get tongue tied, perhaps try writing a series of notes and leave them as a trail for her to follow. A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not make a collage of your history together and leave some space for future photos to go?

perfect marry me proposal

Perfect Words 

These days, with the prominence of technology, a lot of gents are choosing to create short videos and upload them to YouTube to create a bigger impact. If you choose to do so, there is no need for a fancy video camera, more often than not, your trusty iPhone will suffice. The inclusion of music is also a great way to improve the atmosphere for your perfect proposal. Use your special couple song or have her favourite music playing in the background when you pop the question, and finally give her a dozen roses once she’s said yes.

This is probably the least favourite part for most guys, because it usually involves a bit of mushy stuff. However, if there was ever a time for it, then this is it. Prepare a few short heartfelt words for the proposal and practice, practice, practice. It doesn’t need to be 5 minutes long or outline a list of your best attributes, just tell your partner why you love them and why you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

The Perfect Gentlemen

ask her father For some the tradition of asking a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage may seem a little old fashioned, but for others it is still an important step and something that will certainly be appreciated. In this day and age, there are very few fathers standing at the door with a loaded shotgun, warding off all intruders. They may be just as protective of their daughters, but most fathers are approachable. Offer to take him out for a game of golf for example or choose your moment where the two of you can be alone. I think most fathers at this stage will anticipate what’s coming next. Try and plan to do this the week of the proposal also, so that way they are not having to keep the secret from their daughter for too long. 

The Perfect Ring

One of the most important things about planning the perfect proposal is of course surprising your partner with the perfect engagement ring. According to The Knot, 32% of women say the biggest proposal mistake you can make is not having a ring. If she hasn’t been dropping any hints about what she would like her engagement ring to look like, go with something simple and classic. Have a look at the jewellery she is already wearing. If she wears a lot of silver or white gold, then a white gold diamond engagement ring is usually a safe bet. When purchasing an engagement ring, it is always a good idea to ask what the exchange policy is.

A Word of Advice to the Gentlemen

Call it intuition or plain curiosity, most ladies will know that the proposal is coming. While the element of surprise is something to strive for, it is not as important as creating the perfect proposal that is magical in every way. When she retells the story to her friends and family later, she will no doubt remember all of the effort you put into the proposal, irrespective of whether she knew it was coming or not.

Xennox Diamonds, Brisbane

If you’re looking for engagement, wedding or any other type of diamond ring, drop in and see the team at Xennox Diamonds, Brisbane. They boast the largest range of diamond engagement and wedding rings in Brisbane. If your partner isn’t happy with the ring you have chosen, you can bring it back and change it for something she loves.