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An Eternity ring is usually the third ring worn on the engagement ring finger. It usually sits on the side furthest away from you. If your wedding band is a diamond band, it will normally be the same style. However sometimes there can be a few variations. Here are a few of the questions i often get asked about eternity rings.

When Should I Receive My Eternity Ring ?

While your parents might tell you for them it was 10 + years, brides today normally receive their eternity rings after the first year. As much as i would like to take credit for this, it is something that is purely been driven by the ladies. Comments such as “it feels like an eternity already” are not too uncommon.

Can My Eternity Ring Be Bigger ?

Right hand eternity ring

While normally for symmetry the eternity ring is kept the same size as the wedding band. It is possible to keep the style the same and just increase the diamond size. If you are going to do this it is a good idea to increase the diamond size by more than a few points, so that the variation looks intentional. 

Another option for having a larger eternity ring, is if you wish to wear your eternity ring on the ring finger of the right hand. In this case the ring is usually at least twice the width of the wedding band. 

What Is The Difference Between A Full Eternity Ring And A Standard Eternity Ring

eternity ring options

Quite simply a full eternity ring is a ring that goes all the way around. Channel set full eternity rings are ideal, as they will generally hold your diamonds more securely. With this style you can have either round brilliant cut diamonds are princess cut diamonds. If you have your heart set on a full circle claw set eternity ring, it is a good idea to have it checked every 6-12 months to ensure that all the stones are tight. With style the diamonds are almost always round brilliant cut diamonds, as the setting is better designed to hold round stones.

Do You Receive An Eternity Ring For The Birth Of A Child ?

Here comes the bad news for the men out there. There is another ring to celebrate the birth of your new baby, and it is called the Maternity Ring or Push Present. Being a father of 4 children myself, i consider it only fair, to buy our ladies some lovely diamonds, in order to NOT go through childbirth, but we will cover more about this in another blog.