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Argyle Pink Diamonds
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett famously stated that “diversification is protection against ignorance.” At the moment it seems pretty hard to make money in most of the usual asset classes. Many of the most historically reliable investment vehicles, such as shares or property have failed to deliver spectacular results in the last few years. But you don’t have to be a billionaire like Warren Buffett to start investing in pink diamonds. The Argyle pink diamonds have been increasing by 20%-30% every year for the last 5 years, which is a return that many fund managers would envy. What we have found is that the price of the investment pink diamonds has at least doubled over the last 5 years. Every year I go to buy pink diamonds I am always amazed at how much they have increased. Of course, it would be remiss of me if I did not mention that this is not legal or financial advice and you should seek your own advisor that can determine if this strategy is right for you. Clients today are looking to acquire Argyle pink diamonds not just in their personal names, but in other investment vehicles such as a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). Whatever your reason, whether it is diversifying your portfolio, saving for your own retirement or looking to acquire a family heirloom, The Argyle Pink Diamonds can be a solid investment.

Why are Argyle Pink Diamonds Increasing so rapidly?

There are 5 main reasons contributing to the year over year price increases.  

1. In 2013 Argyle Transitioned from an above ground mine to an underground mine. The Argyle mine and processing plant operate 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. All of these factors contribute to increasing running costs, which have an inflationary pressure on the rough cost of Argyle Pink diamonds. Furthermore, with underground mining, there is always the risk of a fatal accident which could see the mine close earlier than expected.

2. The kimberlite pipe where Argyle diamonds are found looks similar to a funnel. As they move further down the pipe, they are finding fewer and fewer diamonds. This leaves less rough to be cut into the desired round brilliant cut diamonds, which are in the highest demand.

3. Similar to the above point, as they find less and less diamonds the number of high quality deep pink diamonds they are finding is getting less and less. This is causing the deep pinks to increase at a faster rate than the mid – light pinks.

4. The demand for pinks is ever increasing. With this stunning Australian product attracting more and more attention, locally and internationally, more clients are seeking them out, not just for investment, but for personal use as well.

5. Projected end date. With the well-documented end date of 2020 predicted by Argyle, there is a finite timeframe in which to acquire them. While no one has a crystal ball, the prediction is that they could increase markedly after this end date, or when the mine is exhausted.

Grades of the Argyle Pink Diamond

There are 4 main colour grades when it comes to classifying Argyle Pink diamonds. Purplish Pink, Straight Pink, Pink Rose and Pink Champagne. The colour scale ranges from 1 -9, with one being the deepest pink diamond and 9 being like a decaf, skinny soy latte (or as I call it a ‘why bother’) Almost all pink diamonds have a primary colour and some have a secondary colour. Sometimes this secondary colour can give a little extra kick to the diamond. In the Purplish Pink scale, the purple hue can make a pink diamond look one shade deeper on the straight pink scale. So a 4PP pink diamond can sometimes look like a 3P. In the case of the Pink rose, it is often a brownish undertone that gives the diamond its stronger colour. A good tip when looking to buy a loose pink diamonds is to turn them upside down in a white sleeve to see the secondary colours.

Investing in Argyle Pinks

If you are looking for Investment Pink Diamonds the ideal range that I recommend is to aim for a 4P or 4PP to a 5P or 5PP. This allows for capital appreciation and can still be an affordable entry point, not just for you, but the purchaser you wish to sell the diamond to down the track. While deeper pink diamonds might be rarer and also appreciate in value at a greater rate, the number of potential buyers down the track will be less. Budget permitting, if a portfolio of pink diamonds is something that you would be interested in the minimum amount that I recommend would be $100,000. The aim here is to put together a selection of diamonds that will allow you to sell certain portions of the portfolio at a future point in time if you so wished. That way you can either neutralise the initial investment or greatly reduce it, while still leaving a portion of diamonds to further increase in value.
If you are ready to take the next step in your pink diamond investment journey, please feel free to contact me for complimentary 10 min pink diamond investment call or request our Investment Pink Diamond report. Alternatively, visit us in our Queen St Mall Diamond boutique to see a selection of pink diamonds for yourself. About Karlbook-front1 His international award-wining book, ” Rock Her World” is available now. If you would like help, in choosing the perfect diamond and would like an amazing experience around jewellery there is a lot of great information in “Rock Her World” Karl believes that choosing a piece of jewellery should be a phenomenal experience, and over the last 21 years has helped more than 5800 clients choose a special piece of jewellery that tells their story. Come and experience their brand new diamond boutique in the Queen St Mall.

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Argyle pink diamonds, are know throughout the world, not just for their beauty, but their rarity as well. Not many people believe that their diamond engagement ring is an investment, however with Argyle pink diamonds this is certainly the case. Pink diamonds have been know to increase in value 20% – 30% every year. Certainly they are a stone that you will not only enjoy now, but future generations will also enjoy as they are handed down. While light pink diamonds are found in other countries around the world, such as Russia and Brazil. The Rio Tinto Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia is the only consistent supplier of deep pink diamonds in the world. 

Argyle pink diamonds grading

Argyle pink diamonds are graded into 5 main colour types. Purplish Pink, Pink, Pink Rose, Pink Champagne, and Red. The red is considered the most rare, followed by the purplish pink, pink, pink rose and lastly the pink champagne. When talking about pinks, it is quite common to not mention the clarity, as an Argyle pink diamonds value is much more heavily weighted in its depth of pink than its clarity. 

Argyle pink diamond colour chart

When purchasing a pink diamond, ensure that the stone comes properly certified by Argyle. All stones over 0.20ct should have an Argyle certificate with a registered lot number, so the origin of the stone can be traced. An Argyle certified stone is generally considered more valuable than a pink diamond from another country. argyle certificate

Argyle pink diamond Rarity 

mining truck

Anything in nature that is extremely rare, is also generally considered quite valuable.  The Argyle mine’s pink diamond production  accounts for only around 0.1% of all the diamonds that are mined there. It has been said that if a giant mining truck was filled with all the diamonds that Argyle produces, then the deep pink diamonds that it finds each year, would only fill the ashtray.

When it comes to Argyle pink diamonds there is not always a level of predictability with regards to price. You might find that the price difference between certain grades of pinks is only 20%, whereas with others the price difference may be 50%-80% different.

Another reason that Argyle pink diamonds are always increasing in value, is that their demand will always far exceed their supply. Which basically means that more people want them, than there are stones available. I often use the analogy, that pink diamonds are like water front property. You might look at these properties (like the pink diamonds) and think, that the prices are ridiculous. and that someone would be crazy to pay that much for them. However if you could fast forward ten years, you will wish that you could buy them at the old price. Unfortunately once the price moves up, it never comes back down again.

 Argyle Pink Diamonds.round

Exchange rate

Diamond exchange rateWhile one element of the Argyle pink diamonds price is attributed to its rarity, the other element is the exchange rate. Over the last month or two, the exchange rate has fallen about 10% – 15%. This has seen a dramatic increase in the price of pinks in a very short time frame. With some analysts predicting that the AUD / USD exchange rate will continue to fall to around the 0.78 cents – 0.80 cents the price of Argyle pink diamonds is set to rise dramatically over the next year

At Xennox Diamonds, we have a large selection of Argyle pink diamonds in stock. Whether you are looking to have an engagement ring made with a pink diamond center stone, or you would like a wedding band with pink and white diamonds in it. We even have a number of clients that purchase their pink diamonds in self managed super funds as an investment. We can even help you store them in our safe, free of charge. The only draw back with this option though is you are not allowed to wear them. If you would like to know more about pink diamonds and some prices, please email me at