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Looking to propose with an Altr created diamond?

Home-Banner2 To celebrate Altr created diamonds coming to Australia, we are giving couples looking to propose a $500 gift card to use towards their Altr created diamond engagement ring, when they place an order before 30th December 2018. 
Altr created diamonds have the identical physical, chemical, optical and molecular structure of a traditional mined diamond. By utilising the latest technology to replicate the natural conditions of heat and pressure of the earth, results in a saving of 30%-40% to the price of the standard engagement ring.

Email us at to claim your $500 gift card. 

You can read more about how the Altr created diamonds are grown here and some FAQ about the  Altr created diamonds here.

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Are you a little bit of a techno geek like me? Do you love the anticipation of getting your hands on the latest trend in technology? If you are then I bet you can’t wait for the newest Apple product to land (Yes, I am a diehard follower – sorry to all the Android lovers)

That’s why I was so excited to see the latest development in the diamond world, ALTR lab created diamonds. The idea that man can create a diamond absolutely blows my mind. It reminds me of the old cartoon The Jetsons, about a futuristic family who lived in the sky travelling around in hovercraft spaceships. Anything they wanted could be printed through a magic printing machine. Isn’t it funny how so many things from science fiction become reality?

Are lab created diamonds new?

While it might seem new, the concept of lab created diamonds has been around for over 60 years. It is just in recent years that they have perfected the art of crafting these stunning stones into gem-quality diamonds. But diamonds for personal use are just a small portion of what the future holds when it comes to creating diamonds. There are so many applications for having a transparent substance that is also incredibly strong. Can you imagine in the future having your iPhone glass face made up of diamond? No more replacing screens because you dropped your iPhone.  

Now, in the beginning, I was just as sceptical as the next person, I mean lab created diamonds? What changed my mind was a test given to me by the creators of these amazing diamonds. The creators placed 10 diamonds in front of me and asked me to separate them into mined vs created. I spent a great deal of time looking at each diamond, from the front, upside down and even in different lights. What I found though, was while I thought I could tell the difference between the two, the truth is I failed miserably. Considering I am a diamond expert and I look at diamonds every day, I found this quite shocking. The only way to tell the difference with a 10-x magnifying lens was by looking at the girdle where it is inscribed that it is a lab created diamond.


If you would like to learn more about how these amazing gems are created, check out my blog about ALTR lab created diamonds here. If you take the method of creation out of the picture ultimately what you are left is with a beautiful gem that sparkles brilliantly. I think deep down what everyone wants is to make their partner happy and give them the diamond they deserve and desire. In a perfect world, we could all afford to get the largest diamond possible for our partners. But in the real world, we all have expenses that we need to balance out. What I have seen over the last month with the clients I have shown the ALTR lab created diamonds to has been nothing short of amazing. Clients have been able to give their partners the diamond that will make their heart skip a beat.

While I know some of you are saying, it’s the thought that counts and your partner should be happy with whatever size their partner gives them. What I have come to see over the last 22 years and helping more than 6800 clients choose their engagement ring, is exactly 0% of them have come back in 6 months’ time and asked for a smaller diamond. Further, as we get older, we only want nicer and bigger things not smaller. So, the bigger diamond that you choose now, will undoubtedly last you longer, before you start thinking of upgrading.

I strongly believe in the power of storytelling through jewellery. Whenever I ask someone to tell me the story of how they were proposed to, they can often recant in detail where they were and what their partner said. Never have I heard them say, they proposed to me with a 1ct F VS diamond engagement ring. For me, the sentiment and story behind the giving of a diamond is the same with a created diamond as it is for a mined diamond. What is important is that you have chosen it for your partner and that he plans a romantic proposal, in a way that his partner wants to receive it.

What has been the most appealing thing about Lab Created Diamonds?

I would say for most of the clients I have served, the size is one of the most contributing factors. I mean who doesn’t love a bit of extra bling. When I got engaged 17 years ago, the average size of a diamond engagement ring was a half a carat. Today the most popular diamond size that we sell is a one-carat diamond. Even now we are starting to see that size increase with some brides looking at the 1.10ct – 1.20ct diamond sizes. So, my usual advice to the guys out there is to propose quickly, because I think we will be at a 2ct diamond size before you know it. At this point in time, it is hard to go past the ALTR lab created diamonds from a value for money standpoint.


The second benefit that often resonates with the clients I speak to is the environmental benefits and minimal carbon footprint associated with created diamonds. Today I think we all realise that we share the same planet and it is the only one that we have, so it’s up to us to look after it. Most people don’t realise that they need to dig up over 1000 tonnes of earth, not to mention using over 100 gallons of water just to find a 1ct diamond. Whereas the ALTR lab created diamonds have their own wind turbines to power the presses that create these diamonds and use a fraction of the water to yield the same 1ct diamond. So not only can you give your partner the diamond you know they want but look after the planet as well. And with every diamond being able to be traced back to the specific lab that it was created in, you can be sure that your diamonds are 100% conflict free.

The final question that I am often asked is, ‘would you buy an ALTR lab created diamond for your own wife?”. My answer is YES!!! Currently, I am looking for a set of matching .75ct diamonds to create stunning diamond studs for her. After all, they have the same physical, optical and molecular structure as a mined diamond, and according to the FTC, they are a diamond in every sense of the word. So, the only question you need to ask yourself is whether you are ready to join the future of diamonds with me?





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Believe it or not Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the two biggest events on the calendar for proposals. Having helped over 5800 couples on their journey to finding their perfect engagement ring, it never ceases to amaze me how popular this time of year is. I can’t really blame guys for choosing this time to propose. Everyone is normally taking time off with their partners to celebrate the holiday season, families are coming together, and lets be honest a fair amount of holiday cheer is involved. Whatever your reason for choosing this time of year to get engaged i have;

7 important tips that will help your proposal go off with a bang!

  • 1. Find out how she would like to be proposed to.

    While you might think that a public proposal in front of all of her family might be the romantic gesture she has been waiting for, the truth is most ladies would prefer a more personal intimate setting with just the two of you.
  • 2. Propose with a ring.

    While i am sure the answer would still be “YES”, proposing with a ring will DEFINITELY create a bigger WOW factor
  • 3. Ask her father for his daughters hand in marriage.

    I might be a romantic and a traditionalist, but i still think it is a nice gesture that most fiancée’s (and their dad’s) appreciate.
  • 4. Rehearse what you are going to say

    You might think you are a “wing it” kind of guy, but this is one of those special moments where you want to make sure everything is said just right. So spend a few minutes rehearsing what you are going to say before you get down on one knee. A lot of guys can get caught up in the moment, and if you haven’t practiced, all your best ideas may go out of the window.
  • 5. Have a plan B.

    Despite the best intentions and planning, sometimes things just don’t work out as well as you planned. So having a backup plan come sometimes calm the nerves. If you are planning an outdoor proposal, maybe have an indoor spot picked out, just in case Mother Nature tries to put a spanner in the works.
  • 6. Take her out on a decoy date.engagement ring for christmas

    If this is the first time you have taken your partner out on a date in a long time, chances are she is going to suspect that something is up. So if a surprise proposal is high on your hit list, then makes sure you plan the lead in with a few extra outings.
  • 7. Relax and have fun.

    On many occasions a bride to be, has commented to me that their partner was acting really weird before the proposal. Just remember millions of guys have gone through what you are about to go through you, and millions will go through it after you. It really isn’t as scary as your mind might make it out to be.
Often the process of choosing an engagement ring can be all consuming, and it seems to take everything they have just to make this important decision. One of the great things i get to do is to coach guys through the process not just about buying an engagement ring, but all the things they need to do before and after the pick up the ring. Just remember, it doesn’t need to be difficult. Choosing an engagement ring can not only be easy, but also a fun and enjoyable experience as well. So if you have been thinking of taking the plunge this Christmas time – Don’t put it of any longer. 🙂 If you would like help, in choosing the perfect engagement ring, there is a lot of great information in my recently published book, “Rock Her World” or you can listen to a sample chapter here Rock Her World  

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Valentine’s day is one of the most romantic days of the year to propose. This Valentine’s day, to celebrate the launch of my newly published book “Rock Her World” – The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring. I designed and created a beautiful Valentines Day engagement ring for one lucky couple to help them on their engagement journey. After welcoming everyone, I wanted to give them a little overview on all the things that they needed to know about creating the perfect engagement ring. Expert tips on finding a diamond that sparkles unlike any other and some great options on how to protect your engagement ring once its made. Especially for the guys there were some great pointers on how to deliver the ultimate proposal. Aria Restaurant You can watch the slide show of the Rock Her World presentation here. We were even fortunate enough to be able to raise $1000 for the MASKS Foundation (Make a sick kid smile)

Valentines Day Engagement Ring Finalists

To make sure we kept the guys on their toes, we drew 3 lucky finalists. The three lucky gentlemen then had to go to the back of the room, where I could give them some proposal advice, on how to make the proposal moment memorable. The ring was under safeguard of our dedicated security guard. Who not only held the magic ring box, but two additional boxes without a ring in it. The lucky grooms to be, then had to each select a box.

Valentines Day Engagement Ring finalists

Valentines Day Proposal

With Nik finding himself the lucky winner, it was now time to propose. It was his turn to ask his special partner that question she had been waiting to hear. Nik did a fantastic job, and had many of the ladies (and some of the guys) in tears. Having told Joanne that win or lose, he was already a winner, he got down on one knee and proposed.

Valentines Day Engagement Ring

As the first one was created for Valentines day, I have decided to call this one VALENTINO. It also featured an Argyle pink diamond set into the side of the setting, and a high performance 1 carat Passion8 “Hearts and Arrows” diamond in the centre.

Valentines Day Engagement RingIf you would like to know more about this beautiful ring, please don’t hesitate to email me. We can make all our rings to suite any diamond size or quality.


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The question of “How much does a 1ct diamond cost?” is something that I get asked often. Because there are so many factors that make up a diamonds price and quality. The usual answer here is how long is a piece of string. It is a common question that most men ask as they are about to embark on purchasing a new engagement ring.  At this point in time with the current exchange rate around the .82 cents. A beautiful 1ct F colour, SI clarity excellent cut grade diamond will typically cost around the $13000 all made up in a classic solitaire. The rough rule of thumb is that under a carat the price will move about a $1000 for every ten points within a particular quality. So a 0.90ct F SI excellent cut grade round brilliant diamond will be approximately $11500 – $12000. The smaller the diamond the smaller the variation in price for the 10 points. Changing the size of a diamond always has a much bigger result on the price, than changing the colour or clarity of a diamond. Are the difference between all the grades priced the same? In nature anything that is rarer is also more valuable. So a pure white stone is going to carry more of a premium than a yellower diamond. Likewise a diamond that is flawless. Whenever you move to the top on any given scale the jump in price is going to be greater as that given stone becomes more rare and valuable. So while a jump in price from a G – F may be $300, going from an F to an E colour may be $350, and $400 to the top D colour  How much does the price change when changing the clarity of a diamond?

How much does a 1ct diamond cost?In todays market, changing the clarity of a diamond will have a bigger effect on the price of a given diamond than changing the colour.

For example moving from an SI2 to a VS2 may have roughly the same affect as changing the size by ten points. Depending on the size of the diamond, this could be as much as $800 How much does the price change for changing the colour of a diamond?

How much does a 1ct diamond cost?

While changing this characteristic has the least impact on the price, the visual effect on the diamond can not be underestimated. Changing from a .50ct (half a carat) G to F will actually only cost around the $200 – $300. Which in my experience is well worth it, as most clients are able to tell the difference with their eyes.  The bigger the size of the diamond the larger the difference in colour is. Anyone who has been to a hardware store and had to pick out a colour for a wall will know this. Looking at colour as a postage paid stamp is much harder to visualise that looking at an A4 piece of paper. Diamonds are no different. The colour difference in a 1ct diamond is easier to see than a .50ct diamond. The difference in price however, because of the rarity will be more. Usually you can expect to pay around the $500 -$800 more for a jump in colour. Always happy to help, if you would like to know “How much does a 1ct diamond cost” or another particular diamond size. Please email me, if you would like to compare the price of a particular diamond that you have been looking at.

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tips on how to get engagedDid you get a new years proposal? If the answer is no, and you have been together for what seems like “enough time”. Maybe it might be time to take an active role and plan for your upcoming engagement. 

Plan to be engaged

Like anything in life, if you want something special you need to plan for it. Whether it is a new car, holiday or your dream engagement ring, the key is to lay some groundwork. Depending on your age and how long you have been together, you may do some, or all of these tips on how to get engaged.

Tips on how to get engaged 

I wish i could say that guys can take a hint. But the truth is, most of us will procrastinate when something seems a little difficult. For some guys not knowing what sort of engagement ring you want, can be a significant factor in putting off the engagement. Having some tips on how to get engaged and choose the perfect engagement ring can make the difference between having an amazing engagement ring that blows your away and something that you will love just because your partner chose it for you.

  1. A great option is to put in the ground work for him. Go out and visit a few jewellery stores and spend the time to find the ring you want. Have all the details written down on a card, and leave it in a place you know he will find it. Most guys will actually be grateful, that they haven’t had to walk through 10 different stores trying to find out which ring is your perfect engagement ring.
  2. Circling ring pictures from a magazine is also a good start to get him thinking that it might be time to make that commitment official. Depending on how subtle you want to be, you could try leaving them on the coffee table, on top of the remote, or even on the fridge.
  3. Tagging him in a Facebook/Instagram post. Even if you don’t explicitly tag him, as long as you are liking and commenting on a ring picture, he is sure to see it in his news feed. Of course this option will only work if he is on Facebook or Instagram.
  4. If he doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram account, you can try taking a screenshot of your perfect engagement ring and text it to him. Believe it or not, i am starting to see this tactic a lot more often. Today’s lady often knows exactly what she wants in an engagement ring, and isn’t afraid to tell her partner. 

If you think your partner is putting off a proposal because he doesn’t know what you want in an engagement ring, then we can help. We have some great tips to help guide him through that initial “looking phase” to really find out what your style is and what will look amazing on your finger. 

If that fails there is always our FREE arm twisting service to help get him across the line. You can try tweeting it here 🙂

 [Tweet “I need @XennoxDiamonds FREE arm twisting service to help my partner get the perfect engagement ring”]




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hate your engagement ring Have you ever wondered what you should do, if you hate your engagement ring. I know hate is a very strong word, and most ladies would be happy with whatever their partner chose. But for some the engagement ring is their most prized possession, so it simply has to be perfect.   So if you find yourself in the position with an engagement ring that is not your dream ring, don’t panic. There are always things you can do to make sure your engagement ring is perfect – the way you always dreamed it would be. Here are a few options that you have up your sleeve if you hate your engagement ring.   

Timing To Tell Him You Hate Your Engagement Ring

If you are really unhappy with the engagement ring your partner has chosen for you. Telling him, when he is down on one knee professing his love for you, might not be the right time. Soak up the moment, and just enjoy the journey of being engaged. If you find that you still hate your engagement ring after a couple of weeks, then it might be a good sign that the engagement ring is not the perfect ring for you. If you decide that your engagement isn’t the ring for you, then you need to choose the perfect time to have the conversation with your partner. Choose a time when both of you are relaxed, a good option is after a romantic dinner, where you both have the time to talk openly. 

Communication About Why You Hate Your Engagement Ring

What to do if you hate your engagment ring Good communication is the key. Make sure you partner understands that it isn’t a reflection on the commitment you share to beginning your new life together. Understand that your partner, has probably put a lot of thought into choosing your engagement ring. Spent many hours researching and going from shop to shop, trying to find “The One”. It may have also been one of the most significant purchases of his life. Remember above all, he really wants you to be happy. Speaking from a guys perspective, i would want my wife to tell me, if she didn’t like something that i gave her. The worst scenario in my mind, would be to find out 20 years later that she never liked her engagement ring. Another way to explain it to your partner, is to imagine that they could only wear one shirt for the rest of their life, i am sure that they would want to make sure they really loved it. 

Exchange It – If You Hate Your Engagement Ring

The best option here is to talk to the jewellery store where the ring was purchased. Any reputable jewellery store that is interested in keeping their clients happy, will be invested enough to help you with find an option that you are happy with. The first thing to keep in mind, if you go down the path of changing your engagement ring is to be clear on what it is exactly that you don’t like about your engagement ring. The worst outcome, would be to change the engagement ring, to something new, only to be unhappy with your second choice, and have to go through the process again. 

Modify It – If You Hate Your Engagement Ring

Sometimes the thing you don’t like about the ring might be only minor. If the alteration you are wanting is not to major it might be possible to modify it. Things that are easy to do, are things like changing the profile of the band. For example, if you ring has a flat profile or a knife edge, you are able to soften the edges and make it look more round, giving it a more dainty finer look. Setting heights can also be lowered, if you feel the engagement ring is too high. Remember issues of the heart always need to be treated with care. So make sure you always tell your partner how much you love them. Pick the right moment, and if you think it might help, buy him the gold club set that he has been eyeing off to soften the blow. Would love to hear your thoughts, If you didn’t love your engagement ring, how did you tell your partner, and what did you do?

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So you have decided that it is finally time to choose an engagement ring. Whether you are the future groom to be and have popped the question, or choosing to find the dream engagement ring together as a couple, here are the 5 steps you need to follow when choosing an engagement ring. 

choosing an engagement ring



Advice for the guys when choosing an engagement ring – This is ground zero and the first thing you should try and tie down. If you are going alone, try and choose a style that compliments her current jewellery tastes. If her style is vintage, then look for Art Deco designs. If she is more of a traditional girl, then a classic solitaire design is likely to be the winner. If you really get stuck, have a look at her Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram profiles. You are sure to find plenty of pointers there, about the style of ring she loves.

For the ladies – When choosing an engagement ring, try on as many different styles as you can.  Look for the things you love in each design. A skilful designer will be able to combine all the different things you love into your one dream ring. You will know when you find “THE ONE” it will be the design that makes your heart skip a beat. 

Advice tip – Don’t worry if you can’t find your dream ring in any of the stores you visit. If you could find it everywhere, it probably wouldn’t be as special and you wouldn’t love it as much. 

At this stage of your journey forget about the diamond size, quality and budget. If you only ever look at a particular budget you might miss your dream ring. Once you have found your dream engagement ring, a professional jewellery designer should be able to customise your dream ring design to suit any budget or stone size. 


choosing an engagement ring diamond

In the beginning when you are choosing an engagement ring you really want to just focus on what shape diamond. Do you love the traditional round brilliant cut diamond? Or are you looking for something a little more modern in the princess cut? If your partner has long slim fingers than maybe a fancy cut diamond like the pear, oval or marquise cut diamond might be ideal.Also consider whether it is a single stone ring you are after, or whether you would like to have shoulder stones. If you are wanting to have shoulder stones in your engagement ring, explore all the options. Whether to match the shape of your centre stones to your shoulder diamonds is really a personal preference. 


This can sometimes be one of the most challenging elements to balance. Do you go for a larger diamond of lower quality? Or choose a diamond that is slightly smaller and more brilliantly cut? At the end of the day, where the diamond sits on the 4C’s will not only tell you how beautiful the stone is, but ultimately how much it costs. While everyone’s preferences might be slightly different, it is important to compare a number of stones side by side, to see which diamond appeals to you the most. As a rough guide, try and stick with an excellent cut grade, D – F colour, VS – SI clarity, and wherever the size fits within the budget. If you really want to learn more about why one diamond appears more brilliant than another, the best advice is to go to a jewellery store with a qualified diamond grader. Someone who can break down exactly where your diamond sits in the cut and quality spectrum. 


choosing an engagement ring metalOne of the common questions raised when choosing an engagement ring is whether to go with platinum or white gold. The usual advice that I give to new clients choosing their engagement ring is “Do you have a spare $1000 dollars?” As this is usually how much the upgrade to platinum will cost. If the answer is yes, then by all means upgrade your metal choice to platinum. If No, then 18ct white gold is still an exceptional metal choice. For some clients, it might make more sense to upgrade their diamond to a larger or better quality stone, rather than upgrading their metal. 


This is the last thing I often go through with couples and men that I see when they are choosing an engagement ring. Once you have found the design that you love, it is really easy to make it with a different size centre stone. While some might have you believe that you need to spend 3 months salary (before tax and including bonuses), the truth is that you just need to pick a figure that you both feel comfortable with. This is something special that you are going to have for a very long time, and you want to make sure that it is something that you can be proud of for many years to come. Whatever your maximum budget is, spend it and try and get the best quality you can. In the years to come, you will never regret the money that you spent. 

Above all else, enjoy the process of finding and choosing an engagement ring. Your diamond consultant is there to help guide you through your journey. It should be an experience that you will never forget, and one that will bring you happy memories for many years to come. If you would like someone to help guide you through your journey of finding your perfect engagement ring, we always on hand to help you. If you would like to make an appointment to see one of our diamond consultants, please feel free to email us