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Wolfgang Schwantes

Bris96 Xennox adjusted Born in 1945 at the end of the of the second world war in Germany, Wolfgang Schwantes was the 4th of four children. Growing up in these trying times Wolfgang learned the importance of hard work. His father having fought in the 2nd world war, saw the merits of learning a trade. Deciding on a universal trade like jewellery, seemed like an obvious choice. His first interview was with the prestigious Omankowsky jewellers in Berlin, which was to be where he began his apprenticeship at the early age of 15. Over the next three years Wolfgang honed his skills as a jeweller from some of Germany’s most renowned master jewellers, soaking up all that he could.

After finishing his apprenticeship, Wolfgang was keen to explore the world and set out on an amazing adventure to learn from the best jewellers around the world. His journey took him through Munich, Geneva, Paris then on to South Africa, the middle east and Japan. After returning to Berlin, Wolfgang decided to make a new start, and immigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1970, where he met and married Georgette.

Deciding to set up the first Xennox Jewellers in Brisbane had always been a dream for Wolfgang.. A place where he could express his own unique creativity, and craft amazing pieces for his clients. Over the next two decades, his original pieces won more than 10 national design awards including the DeBeers Supreme Design Award.

Wanting to create a legacy, that lived on for generations, Wolfgang taught his oldest son Karl, the art of drawing and hand crafting one-of-a-kind originals. Having ignited his passion for jewellery, Karl has taken up the reigns of the business and is looking to take Xennox to new heights. 2013 saw the re-branding of Xennox Diamond World to the new Xennox Diamonds. Representing a new fresh look that was in line with Xennox’s commitment to redefining what a jewellery store experience should be like.