The Engagement Ring Trends of 2024

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If 2024 is the year that you and your partner decide to take the plunge and get engaged,  you might be wondering what are the top engagement ring trends between 2024.

Over the last 12 to 18 months engagement ring trends have certainly had a dramatic shift away from the classic halos back to the more traditional solitaire engagement rings.

What is the most popular engagement ring right now?

Choosing an engagement ring is such a deeply personal choice. There are so many factors to consider when choosing the ring that you’re going to wear on your hand for the next 50 to 70 years. For a lot of brides today, it is all about the rock in the middle. So choosing a design that is more classic and traditional really helps to show off the centre diamond. The most popular engagement ring today is a classic solitaire round brilliant cut diamond in a six claw setting on a super fine yellow gold traditional band. 

Other than the classic round brilliant, the oval cut diamond is also proving to be a popular choice, as it helps to elongate the finger. Whichever design you choose, try and think about what you will like and the next 20 to 30 years. As well as this make sure you try them on with the matching wedding band to see how they look as a set. You can see some more classic diamond engagement rings here. 

Top 3 Engagement ring trends right now

1. Solitaire engagement rings

Whether you’re looking at a round brilliant cut,  Oval cut diamond,  pear shape cut diamond,  it is hard to go past  a classic solitaire engagement ring when you’re proposing.  With the ever increasing size of diamond engagement rings,  a solitaire design is sure to make your centre stone pop. Many brides are choosing a finer band around the 1.6mm – 1.8mm with a half round profile for comfort. 

2. Trilogy Engagement Rings

In the last 6 months there’s certainly been a rise in trilogy diamond  engagement rings.  Trilogy engagement rings  where the three stones are close in size tend to give a much bigger impact across the finger.  The four claw version will show more of the diamond and help with the overlap of the two shoulder diamonds. Other than the round brilliant cut shoulder diamonds, the pear shaped shoulder diamonds are also a popular choice.

3. Gold Engagement rings 

Yellow gold engagement rings are certainly making a comeback this year.  Brides have certainly been choosing the yellow gold band on their engagement ring over the previously favoured white gold and platinum. Some brides are even choosing to change their traditional white gold claws to yellow gold as well. 

When choosing a gold engagement ring,  it’s important to take  your skin tone into account. If you have a warmer,  creamier skin tone,  then a yellow gold engagement ring or be a great choice.


Whether you are looking for a natural mined diamond or a laboratory grown man made diamond engagement ring, all of our designs can  be personalised for you to make sure that your engagement ring is unique.  At Xennox Diamonds,  we don’t charge any extra to have your engagement ring custom made for you. 

So whichever engagement ring you are looking for in 2024, it’s important to remember, it’s not just about the ring; it’s about the experience. We bring warmth, humour, and a personal touch to ease your journey, ensuring that when you find ‘the one,’ it’s not just a decision, but a cherished memory.

So why not book in a consultation with one of our friendly engagement ring consultants today to find your perfect engagement ring. 

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