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At Xennox Diamonds we are passionate about creating amazing quality jewellery and memorable experiences. To ensure that you receive only the best we can offer, we have established our three pillars policy, so you know what we stand for.

Pillar 1 – Outstanding Customer Service

We love our clients, and there is nothing that we won’t do for them. The team at Xennox Diamonds is there for you any time you need help. Whether it is for a quality jewellery piece that you have purchased from us, or something that you need help repairing or advice on, we are here to help. We will never tell you what you should have – we listen to what you want. We will never be pushy or use used-car sales techniques to pressure you – our goal is to help you along your journey of finding the perfect piece of jewellery that you are looking for. 

Pillar 2 – Exceptional Quality Jewellery

We are perfectionists !!!! 98% is not good enough for us. We are always striving to deliver the most amazing pieces formed through traditional hand-made techniques. We only accept the best master jewellers from around the world. Your piece of quality jewellery is made with the same care and attention that we would give to our family members. We are always looking to raise our standards and be our own fussiest critics.  

 Pillar 3 – Unbeatable value for money

We believe that good quality jewellery is not only affordable, but should be available to everyone. We believe that our clients are not just after the cheapest price, but the best value for money. Our clients don’t mind paying a little extra to get something that is much better in quality. After all, your jewellery will be with you for a long time, and you deserve the best we can offer. Our main drive is to find diamonds and jewellery that look phenomenal without breaking the bank, so that you only pay for a difference that you can see.