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Platinum Wedding Rings with Tungsten

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Do you know a tradie that would like a scratch resistant metal ?

rough wedder

While some guys can be a little unfazed by the metal of their wedding bands, more and more are looking for low maintenance better wearing wedding rings. As time goes on, new technology and advancements are bringing new metals to the market. The latest metal out is now even better than the current range of platinum wedding rings. 

Normal platinum wedding rings are stamped with 950 (when means there is only a 5% alloy added), whereas with the new Dora platinum 600 they have added in a new alloy – tungsten (which is considered one of the best scratch resistant metals available). The downside of tungsten is that like titanium, it can’t be resized. To combat this the metallurgists came up with a solution – combining it with platinum. By doing this they have combined the best of both worlds – a strong scratch resistant metal that can also be resized. There is also another benefit of being alloyed with platinum – the Platinum600 never has to be rhodium plated, as it is a naturally white metal.

Here are the facts according to the vickers hardness scale of hardness (an international hardness testing application).

Hardness Rating

Platinum wedding rings

375: 110750: 150
Pt950: 200
Pt600: 220-240


Plat600 is 2 x harder than 9ct.
Plat600 is 50% harder than 18ct. 
Plat600 is also 20% harder than plat950.

So as you can see it is harder than all the other metals. The hardness has a direct impact on scratch resistance. As it is a hard metal, it will be very resistant to getting scratched.

Platinum wedding rings with Tungsten

If you have been considering purchasing some platinum wedding rings and would like to know more about our range of Plat600 platinum wedding rings, please feel free to shoot me an email.


P.S. Interesting Fact – Platinum is only found in 7 countries on Earth where gold can be mined from all countries. Which is another factor that shows the rarity of platinum.


If you’d like to know more information about Platinum 600 or any other metals then consult our experts at the Xennox Diamonds luxury showroom by booking a Discovery Session and arrange to speak to one of our experts who can answer any questions you may have about metals.

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