Marriage Equality Campaign Results

Different Stories, Same Love

One of the most amazing parts of my job is that I get to see love, joy and happiness every day. Whether it is someone looking to choose an engagement ring for their partner or a couple embarking on the journey together, it is a true privilege to be a part of that special story. We all share in that special function of our humanity, the ability to love. While we all might have different stories, we all share the same love.

Which is why I feel so passionately about marriage equality. I want everyone to have that special feeling of being able to commit their special someone, in a way that truly honours their relationship.  But talking about it, just simply wouldn’t be enough. I wanted to do something much greater. My idea was to create a video campaign, to show that we are all the same, and that love is love, no matter what your preferences are. 

To mark this important milestone for marriage equality in Australia, we decided to shoot 6 videos to show that we are all the same. 

We can even see the funny video called What Drives Us Crazy video here

To coincide with the release of our marriage equality videos we also put together a $20,000 prize for one of our 4 lucky couples. This amazing prize came to a conclusion on November the 15th 2017. The amazing prize included diamond rings, a weekend drive of a mini, amazing dinner at Urbane, photography by Evoke Studio, and a proposal moment by unforgettable proposals. 

With more than 200 couples who entered the campaign, talking about what marriage equality meant to them, the winners of our amazing campaign were Sinead and Nat. Sinead and Nat had a commitment ceremony 10 years ago, but are looking to tie the knot this time with their twins at the ceremony. 

You can see some of the media coverage here.