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Argyle Pink Diamond Rings

Argyle Pink Diamond Rings

Argyle pink diamond ringsArgyle pink diamond rings are not only a thing of beauty and rarity, but they have the distinct difference of being a great investment as well. This rare and beautifully coloured gem is mined by Argyle Diamonds in North-West Australia. At less than one percent of all production, Pink Diamonds are still one of the world’s best-kept secrets. It is sometimes difficult to understand why these precious diamonds increase so much in value every year. The price of anything that is produced in nature is governed by the law of supply and demand. If every year less of a particular diamond is found, but the number of people requesting it increased more, then the value will continue to increase. 

Tips for enhancing the colour of the pink diamond in

Argyle pink diamond rings

  1. Setting Argyle pink diamond rings with rose gold.

    1. A popular choice when designing an Argyle pink diamond ring is to set the pink diamond in rose gold. This usually has two benefits. Firstly if the pink diamond is lighter in colour, it will often help to darken or intensify the colour of the diamond. As a general rule, it is advisable to do this if you pink diamond is a P6 or lighter. Secondly as the colour or rose gold is similar to the colour of the pink diamond, it will often make the Argyle pink diamond look larger. Which when talking about pink diamonds is a major consideration. 


  2. Setting Argyle pink diamond rings with white gold

    1. For deeper pink diamonds, white gold will often give a contrast to the pink diamond. This will often highlight the difference between the pink diamond and the white diamonds that you put next to it. It is often a great way to create a distinctive border around a deeper pink diamond.

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