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Finding the Right Engagement Ring For You

Like the book, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, we understand that that men and women often begin their search for the perfect engagement ring in very different ways. So why should your experience on our site be the same?

To make sure that your journey and experience is tailored to you, please choose one of the following.

Engagement rings are where the love story starts. It is usually the first significant piece of jewellery that a young couple purchases together, or if the groom to be is brave enough – on his own. It is a romantic symbol of love that sets the scene for the joining of two people, becoming one.

At Xennox Diamonds we acknowledge that purchasing your engagement ring is not something that happens every day. It should be special, memorable and something that you should treasure always. We are committed to making the choosing of your perfect ring the most enjoyable experience possible, and always aim to exceed your expectations.

No two ladies are exactly the same, so likewise their engagement ring should be unique. The team at Xennox Diamonds understand that the engagement ring should be something classic, timeless and yet distinctive enough that it reflects the wearers personal style. Whether it is the classic round brilliant cut, princess cut or one of the fancy cut diamonds your heart desires, there is always a way to make it as individual man-as you are.