Engagement Ring Engraving ideas

An engagement ring engraving is an expression of love inside one of life’s most treasured possessions. Choosing an engagement ring engraving can sometimes take months, as after all, it is a piece you are going to wear for the rest of your life. Once you have chosen your dream ring, the first piece of the puzzle is complete. The second piece of the puzzle is the proposal. An unforgettable proposal is something that inspires romance and is retold for years to come. After the initial excitement of the moment and seeing the engagement ring for the first time, your eyes look to the engraving on the inside of the ring. This engagement ring engraving is what will make your engagement ring so personal and special to you alone.

What to engrave in your engagement ring?

Think of a special phrase or word that you use for each other. Sometimes the phrase can be in English, sometimes another language or even characters from a picture alphabet. Or perhaps there is a location that is special to you, where you first met or proposed. Ideally, it should be short enough to see without turning the ring. Adding a date or each other’s initials is a common addition to mark the occasion however there are so many other creative options. engagement ring engravingAdditional touches If you are looking to add a unique touch to the engraving inside your engagement ring, adding a diamond into either the words or the date is a nice touch. The stone you put into the engraving can be a diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire or even a pink diamond. The letter O, in the words such as love and hope are perfect to put a diamond in. Likewise choosing to substitute a diamond for the number 0 in dates will add a little sparkle to your message.

Some of the popular engagement ring engraving

• I Love you • you are my everything • my soul mate • my love always Some of the most unusual engraving messages • Shnookums • little spoon & big spoon • one ring to rule them all (yes this happened!) • If lost please return to…. (hasn’t happened yet, but maybe not a bad idea if your partner is a little forgetful

Who should do the engagement ring engraving?

Master engagement ring engravingWhile some jewellers can do engraving, a master hand engraver is your best option to make sure the engraving is as clear as possible. Especially in a lady’s engagement ring band, where it can be quite narrow in width. After a Master Engraver has engraved the ring, the engagement ring should always be polished to remove any rough edges.

Where to put the engagement ring engraving?

The best place to read the engraving would of course, be at the bottom of the ring. However, this is not the best place to have it as this is often where the join in the engagement ring is. If your engagement ring ever needs to be resized they will most likely need to cut through the engraving. I always recommend putting the engraving on the side of the engagement ring that way it will never be disturbed.

How much should engraving cost?

Engraving can vary depending on the standard of engraving. A Mister Minit, found in all local shopping centres may only charge a few dollars per letter, whereas done by a Master Engraver, it can be around $9 per letter. As mentioned above though, this will include having the jeweller polish and finish off the engraving inside the ring. If you are having initials, this usually costs a little more around the $15 – $20 per letter. Spending that little extra and getting a professional to do the engraving is worth it. I know when I look at the engraving on the inside of my wedding ring, which is quite often, I am always happy with the craftsmanship of the engraver.

When to engrave?

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Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want engraved into your engagement ring just yet. The engraving is one of the last things that are done, before your ring receives its final polish and rhodium plating if required. After ordering your engagement ring, you probably have a couple weeks to finalise your engraving message. If you are needing some help in personalising the message inside your ring, the team at Xennox diamonds are always on hand to help organising the hand engraving of your engagement ring. Click here to email us to book an appointment.