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Excellent Cut grade

excellent cut grade diamonds

Excellent cut grade diamonds is the most important brilliant diamonds on the the market. The excellent cut grade not only refers to the angles and proportions of the diamonds facets, but it also reflects the way a diamond refracts the light that enters in through the top of the stone. Cut is the only factor which dramatically affects the sparkle and scintillation of a diamond. The better the cut the more the diamond will sparkle. It is also the only factor that man has any control over.

The most excellent cut grade diamonds are based on specific scientific formulas. A diamond that is cut to ideal proportions will reflect light from one facet to another and then disperse it through the top of the stone. This is why it doesn’t matter which design you choose. If the diamond has the best excellent cut grade it will sparkle just as much in a 4 claw, 6 claw or bezel setting

Why is an excellent cut grade diamond so important ?

diamonds that do not have an excellent cut grade

Diamonds that are cut too deep or too shallow lose or leak light through the side or bottom, resulting in less brilliance and ultimately value. Diamonds that are cut like this will look lifeless dull, especially when they get dirty. 

Excellent cut grade diamond price.

Unfortunately not all excellent cut grade diamonds are created equal. Approximately the top 30%-40% of diamond will receive the top grade of excellent. The price of your diamond will depend on whether it is in the top 30% for cut grade, top 10% or top 1%. When selecting your excellent cut grade diamond it is important to know where your diamond sits in the cut spectrum. A diamond cut specialist should be able to not only tell you, but also show you the difference between a top 30% and a top 10% excellent cut grade diamond.

Where your diamond falls in the cut spectrum and ultimately its cost will depend on a few factors.One of the factors is the amount of rough that is used to end up with the finished diamond. The more the diamond cutter polishes off the rough weight to end up at a smaller more perfectly cut diamond, the brighter it will be.

Secondly diamonds cut by master cutters in certain countries also carry a premium. For example a master cutter from Russian, cutting a premium cut princess cut diamond like the Passion8 princess will cost a little more than a regular cutter from Belgium. The end result is a diamond that sparkles more, as he sacrifices more of the rough weight to end up with a slightly smaller but more beautiful diamond.

At Xennox Diamonds, cut is our passion, and something that we never compromise on. Come and see the difference premium excellent cut grade diamonds can make to your sparkle. Click here to see how the GIA grade diamonds.