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Designers and Master Jewellers since 1976

Have you been looking everywhere for a ring that is not like everyone else’s, at Xennox Diamond World we can show you how to create a ring that is unique to you. At Xennox Diamond World, our aim is to create timeless elegant designs that truly capture your style, creating your dream piece the way you pictured it to be. You can even combine multiple designs into one ring keeping the parts you love from each ring. You are only limited by your imagination, and we can show you how to turn that idea in your head into a ring you will love forever.

During your design appointment our designer will sit down with you and sketch your ring from a 3D oblique perspective, so you can see exactly how the ring will look. No aspect of the design is left to chance, and every detail is recorded to precise measurements, to ensure the ring will turn out exactly as you imagined it to be. Designing to create the “WOW” factor is what drives us. To turn something simple into a piece that people notice wherever you go and compliment on, is our greatest reward.

With more than 80 years of manufacturing experience from all around the world, there is nothing that our master jewellers cannot make. All our manufacturing is done on the premises in our onsite workshop, so you can see your ring being made. You are also welcome to view the ring at any stage of its manufacturing process to make sure you are completely happy with its progress, and for your complete piece of mind any minor alterations can be done while you wait. To us crafting jewellery is all about proportions, when a ring looks just right, there is always a reason why. When you have an eye for detail and that perfectionist attitude, that only 100% is good enough and 98% isn’t, you are always motivated to make the best ring that you can. This is why all our rings come with a lifetime manufacturing warranty. To achieve the most amazing ring we can, there is nothing we won’t do. When making a ring with shoulder diamonds, even the smallest diamond will be matched for Cut, Colour and Clarity to your centre stone, so all your diamonds sparkle the same.