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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Diamonds at Home

Cleaning your diamonds at home doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. While ultrasonic cleaners can make the job of cleaning your diamonds easier, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive solutions. Below are 5 tips on cleaning your diamond and how you can keep your diamond looking sparkly whether you are at home or travelling on holiday.

ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning your diamonds

ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning your diamonds

1. Using near boiling water is one of the best ways of cleaning your diamonds

Cleaning the dishes with cold water wouldn’t be very effective, and it is the same with cleaning your diamonds. Hot water is perhaps the most essential ingredient, as it helps to break down any soap and hand cream which has accumulated on the jewellery. While it is a case of ‘the hotter the better’, I normally recommend just under boiling temperature for cleaning your diamonds. The melting points of gold and diamonds are much higher than 100 degrees Celsius. Please be aware it is not advisable to do this with pearls, opals, or emeralds.

2.      Add a small amount of detergent              

While almost any detergent that you have in the kitchen will do, a squirt of dish washing liquid is ideal for cleaning your diamonds.

3.      Use an old toothbrush to clean around diamonds

An old toothbrush is a great tool for getting into all those tricky areas. When using the toothbrush, use a dabbing motion rather than a scrubbing action. The dabbing motion will help the bristles to find their way underneath the diamond.

4.      Time to soak

Leave your rings or jewellery in the hot solution for around 5 minutes. Then after giving them a scrub, re-soak them for another 5 minutes if required.

5.      Avoid using hand cream while your rings are on

To keep your diamonds looking as bright as they can be for as long as possible, try removing your rings when you are putting on hand cream. When your hands are dry, it is safe to put your rings back on. 

If you find that you are not able to clean your diamonds well enough at home, we offer a free professional cleaning service that can be done while you wait.