7 mistakes couples make when buying a diamond

Buying a diamond engagement ring is not only a big emotional commitment but a significant financial one for most couples. While the internet is usually a great tool for conducting some initial research before buying a diamond, it can become difficult when you need to make a price comparison. The key piece of advice that […]

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Diamond sparkle dead spot
Diamond Sparkle Dead Spot

If diamonds would sparkle more in claw settings, then i am sure that almost every diamond ring would be set that way. Understanding the way a diamond sparkles has more to do with the cut of a diamond than it does the setting that it is in. A diamond owes its sparkle to the precision […]

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gym will kill your rings
5 reasons why the gym will kill your rings

Gym’s are great for personal fitness but a gym will kill your rings. Some of the most destroyed pieces of jewellery i have ever seen come from avid gym trainers who wear their jewellery at the gym. If you want to protect your ring and increase its life expectancy, then here are some things to […]

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rough wedder
Platinum Wedding Rings with Tungsten

Do you know a tradie that would like a scratch resistant metal ? While some guys can be a little unfazed by the metal of their wedding bands, more and more are looking for low maintenance better wearing wedding rings. As time goes on, new technology and advancements are bringing new metals to the market. […]

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Diamond Size Vs Quality
Diamond Size Vs Quality

Research Shows – Size Doesn’t matter !!! Diamond Size Vs Quality A recent study found that 84% of respondents surveyed, stated that they would prefer a smaller diamond size if it was of a higher quality. This was in line with further questioning that showed that 86% didn’t want a showy engagement ring at the expense of […]

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radiant halo engagement ring
Halo Engagement Ring – Claw Set Halo Vs Grain Set Halo

Diamond halo engagement ring designs are extremely popular at the moment. Whether it is a centre round brilliant cut diamond or fancy shape like this radiant, the range of halo designs is always expanding. When deciding on a halo engagement ring design there are two main design styles to choose from – grain set and […]

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wedding rings
Matching A Wedding Band To Your Engagement Ring

Matching a wedding band to your engagement ring should be an easy process if your engagement ring has been designed with this in mind. Almost every engagement ring can be made to sit flush with a wedding band. It just takes extra time and precise direction to angle the wires to a small base. While some […]

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rhodium plated engagement ring
Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions about Rhodium Plating

1. Does my white gold need to a rhodium plating ? Yes. All white gold, is essentially an alloy of pure (24ct) yellow gold, so it is natural to assume that it has a yellow tinge. The rhodium plating is a process which gives the white gold its ultra white colour by placing a coating […]

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round vs square - Which is bigger ?
Which Diamond Cut Looks The Biggest – Round or Square?

Which diamond cut looks the biggest? Have you ever wondered if a 1 carat round brilliant cut diamond looks bigger than a 1 carat princess cut diamond? I am often asked whether round or square diamonds look bigger by many brides-to-be as they begin the journey of picking their perfect diamond engagement ring. While the sparkle […]

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