Free Holiday
Free Holiday

Are you in need of a holiday? Or are you planning a wedding and looking for an amazing destination to kick back and recover from all your wedding planning? For some couples, all the effort that goes into planning a holiday can really take its toll. To help we are having our annual holiday promotion. […]

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Rhodium plating fail
How to know if your rhodium plating isn’t working.

Rhodium plating is something that is done almost every day in a manufacturing workshop. Because it is something that is done by hand, there are times when it doesn’t always work out as perfectly as you would like. Every good workshop should have someone who is appointed as a quality control agent. Here are the […]

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nervous guy buying an engagement ring
7 Mistakes Guys Make When Buying an Engagement Ring!

I think guys who are buying an engagement ring on their own deserve respect. It can be a really daunting experience and there is a lot of pressure to get it right. Over the last 20 years I have helped a lot of gentlemen choose a beautiful diamond engagement ring for their fiancées. Make sure when […]

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resizing engagement rings
Resizing Engagement Rings

Resizing rings is something of a daily occurrence for manufacturing jewellers. However it never ceases to amaze me how many times I hear from clients who have been to other jewellers that a ring can not be resized to suit their fingers. While it may be difficult at times to resize a ring, it is […]

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Grain set halo engagement ring
Passion8 Engagement Ring Review

Passion8 diamond engagement rings don’t just have the most perfectly cut diamonds but they also have an excellent manufacturing standard. Today’s engagement ring review is on model Passion8 model 5294 in 18ct white gold with a 0.70ct F SI princess cut diamond. This engagement ring features a grain set halo surrounding the claw set princess cut […]

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Master Jeweller
10 things you must ask your jeweller

10 things you must ask your jeweller to make sure you are getting the best advice 1. Ask your jeweller where was the ring made ?  Is the ring made locally or overseas ? Hand made rings manufactured locally are not only better quality, but will last longer as well.  A master jeweller is someone […]

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broken engagement ring claw
Engagement ring claws catching ?

Engagement ring claws are an essential part to holding your diamond in place. Whether you have four or six claws, it is still possible for the claw to become separated from your diamond. Through normal everyday wear, your engagement ring claws are prone to being bumped and knocked. This can cause the claws to come away […]

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7 mistakes couples make when buying a diamond

Buying a diamond engagement ring is not only a big emotional commitment but a significant financial one for most couples. While the internet is usually a great tool for conducting some initial research before buying a diamond, it can become difficult when you need to make a price comparison. The key piece of advice that […]

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Diamond sparkle dead spot
Diamond Sparkle Dead Spot

If diamonds would sparkle more in claw settings, then i am sure that almost every diamond ring would be set that way. Understanding the way a diamond sparkles has more to do with the cut of a diamond than it does the setting that it is in. A diamond owes its sparkle to the precision […]

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