What to do, if you don't love your engagement ring
what to do if you hate your engagement ring

Have you ever wondered what you should do, if you hate your engagement ring. I know hate is a very strong word, and most ladies would be happy with whatever their partner chose. But for some the engagement ring is their most prized possession, so it simply has to be perfect.   So if you […]

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Time to get married?
Should we get married or install a new kitchen?

Love is a beautiful thing. It makes us do things we wouldn’t normally do. In the initial months of a relationship, even taking out the rubbish is done with a smile. In today’s world, more and more couples are living together before getting married – according to 2012 figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics […]

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The 5 steps to follow to find your dream ring

So you have decided that it is finally time to choose an engagement ring. Whether you are the future groom to be and have popped the question, or choosing to find the dream engagement ring together as a couple, here are the 5 steps you need to follow when choosing an engagement ring.    1. CHOOSING AN […]

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argyle pink diamond ring
Your Jewellery Story – Why your jewellery is better than a photo

Finding your jewellery story is one of the most beautiful parts of my job.  If a photo tells a thousand words, then surely your jewellery is like a novel filled with a lifetime of stories and memories. If a photo tells a thousand words, then your jewellery is a novel filled with a lifetime of […]

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Argyle pink diamond engagement ring
Feature Engagement Ring from the jewellers bench

This weeks Feature Engagement Ring is a princess cut diamond engagement ring with Argyle pink shoulder diamonds. The centre diamond was a 0.59ct D VS2 Passion8 and the shoulder diamonds were 4 = 0.17ct 4P Argyle pink diamonds. Feature Engagement Ring Sketch Design Features of the Engagement Ring One of the special requirements of this design was […]

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diamond engagement ring cost guide
How much does a custom engagement ring cost?

Congratulations, on deciding to have your engagement ring specially designed. Hopefully you have read about the various stages of having your engagement ring specially designed. The next question most couples have, is how much will my custom made engagement ring cost? In a recent survey – 79% of people surveyed expected to pay more for […]

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frustrated customer looking for an engagement ring design
Should I have a custom engagement ring design?

Are you absolutely frustrated with not being able to find your dream engagement ring design ANYWHERE? Have you been through a 1000 shops and nothing is jumping out at you. It may mean that you need to have your engagement ring specially designed, exactly the way you want it. The reason you haven’t travelled down […]

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proposal guide
Proposal guide – 4 step guide to make it perfect

One thing that a lot of guys are missing after they purchase the engagement ring is a proposal guide. There are a few main ingredients when planning the perfect proposal to make it magical. The first element, is to PLAN. Failing to plan, is planning to fail. A misconception from some guys is to just”wing […]

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wedding day diamonds
Wedding Day Diamonds

Wedding day diamonds are a great way to spoil your new bride on one of the most magical days of her life. Wedding days can be an exciting roller coaster of emotions. New beginnings as the two of you begin your new life together, contrasted with the sadness of some fathers of the bride, who […]

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