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Zig Zag

zig zagAt Xennox Diamonds we believe that we have so much in our life to be truly grateful for. As a father of 4 healthy children (triplets + 1), I feel extremely blessed and honoured to be able to help such a worthy charity as the Zig Zag foundation. Knowing that 100% of everything that we donate to ZIG ZAG goes to the children who truly need it, is a notable difference about the Zig Zag charity. Michelle and her dedicated team are an inspiration, dedicating all of their time voluntarily. Over the years we have been supporting Zig Zag, I have seen many children fortunate enough to be helped by the foundation, and the profound impact that it has had on increasing the quality of their life and that of their entire family. I know that if ever any of my children needed support, I would want someone like the Zig Zag foundation help. Over the last few years we have donated two major prizes to Zig Zag, a $10,000 diamond bracelet for the gala ball and a $6,000 prize for the diamond lunch. In total we have helped Zig Zag raise more than $100,000. So far Zig Zag has donated more than $800,000 to a multitude of worthy recipients. Please see the website for dates. www.zigzagfoundation.org