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Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings, make the ideal match to your perfect engagement ring. We stock a large selection of ladies diamond wedding rings ranging from the classic channel setting to claw set diamond wedding rings. When deciding whether a traditional wedding ring or diamond wedding ring option is best for you, it is best to keep the design consistent with your engagement ring.

Channel Set Diamond Wedding Rings

Channel set wedding rings, are the style of setting where there is a line of metal on either side of the diamonds. They almost give the appearance of looking like parallel train tracks. Any diamond shape can be set in a channel setting. You can even easily alternate different cut shapes, such as a princess cut diamond and a baguette cut diamond. The channel set diamond wedding rings are considered one of the most secure styles, as the diamonds are secured in a vice style grip. The downside of choosing this style is that a portion of the diamond is covered by metal.

Claw Set Diamond Wedding Rings


claw set wedding band

Claw set wedding bands can usually be made one of two ways. Either by adding a wire style setting to the band, or by sculpting the claw out of the metal to form a claw. Each diamond set wedding ring has its pro’s and con’s. The wire setting is better for fitted wedding bands, it is easier to secure the diamond as it pivots around a certain point. The disadvantage is that the claws tend to be a little more prominent. The scooped out claw, is one of the best designs to sit flush with the engagement ring, as there are not external claws sitting out past the line of the ring. The disadvantage of this setting style, is that it is not as ideal for curved designs as the claws are generally smaller in size. Another limitation of this design is that is really suited to round brilliant cut diamonds, or other cut types where the diamond has the corner cut off, such as radiant and ascher cut diamonds.

Hammer Set Diamond Wedding Rings

hammer set diamond wedding ringsHammer set wedding rings are where the diamond is set flush with the metal. A hammer set wedding band is ideal for the lady that wants something more subtle than a diamond wedding ring, but a little more “bling” than a traditional wedding ring. The great thing about the hammer set wedding band, is that it is very easy to add more diamonds later. Sometimes couples might start off with 3 -5 diamonds, and add extra diamonds every year for their anniversary.


Custom Made Diamond Wedding Rings

custom made diamond wedding ringsWhich ever style you choose, our onsite workshop can custom make your diamond wedding ring to match your engagement ring perfectly. A matching diamond wedding ring, involves not only ensuring that the band profile matches your engagement ring, but lining up the start and finish of your diamonds to your engagement ring. While it might appear that you have to pay more to have a custom ring made, in reality it shouldn’t. It takes no less time to make the ring to match your ring, than a generic profile. At Xennox Diamonds, it doesn’t cost anything extra to have your diamond wedding ring specially made. We believe that you should not have to pay more just to have your matching wedding ring made.

Whether To Have A Diamond Wedding Ring ?

The rough rule of thumb is that if your diamond engagement ring is a solitaire (single stone), than you can have either a traditional wedding ring, or a diamond set wedding ring. However if your diamond engagement ring, has diamonds in the shoulder, then it almost always looks better to have the matching diamond wedding ring.