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Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions about Rhodium Plating

1. Does my white gold need to a rhodium plating ?

Does my white gold need to a rhodium plating ?

Yes. All white gold, is essentially an alloy of pure (24ct) yellow gold, so it is natural to assume that it has a yellow tinge. The rhodium plating is a process which gives the white gold its ultra white colour by placing a coating over the existing metal. 


2. How long does rhodium plating last ?

The rhodium plating on your ring should definitely last longer than a year. Although having said that, if the base colour of the white gold has a really yellow colour to it, then you might start to see the gold colour coming through at the base of the ring, before the end of the first year. Normally you should expect the plating to last 2-3 years.

3. How much does rhodium plating cost ?

Typically the cost for rhodium plating can range from $60 – $120 for a fine engagement ring. The price may vary depending on the quality of the rhodium solution, the skill of the jeweller, turnaround time, and the finished effect. Wider and heavier pieces soak up more rhodium out of the solution so will cost a little more. 

4. Will the rhodium plating affect my diamonds or gemstones ?

No. The process of rhodium plating requires a current to run through the metal. The rhodium then binds to the elements in the piece which conduct the current, causing the plating to take affect. As diamonds and gemstones don’t conduct electricity, they will be safe from the plating. 

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5. Can you rhodium plate my yellow gold ring ?

Yes you certainly can. As mentioned above – any metal that conducts a current is able to be plated. However as your yellow gold is really yellow, you may find it only takes about 6 months for the gold colour to show through at the back of your ring. 

6. Should I rhodium plate my ring every year?

Absolutely not !! This will only wear your ring down prematurely. Every time your ring is rhodium plated, your old plating must first be striped off, all the old scratches taken out, cleaned and be prepared to have the new plating applied.

7. How long does it take to rhodium plate my ring ? 

Depending on the complexity of your piece, and whether there is any filigree or distinct work your ring, it usually will take around an hour and a half to complete the process. 

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