Keeping the Jewellery Business in the Family – A Second Generation Story

The Past

As a young child, I remember going into my father’s jewellery business, sitting at his bench, picking up his files and playing with his magnifying glass. I still remember how big everything seemed, and the rustic smell is still one that I think of fondly. As I grew older, I would often help out in the jewellery business on weekends, as most children who belong to family businesses do. It initially started with sweeping the floors and making coffees for everyone. Occasionally I would also sit at the workbench and make a ring or two out of silver. My father would show me the techniques he learnt while doing his apprenticeship in Germany, and I remember doing a number of apprentice exercises, which would form the basis of the skills I use today. From there I progressed to helping out in the front of the shop. My mother would always tell me to listen to the conversations of the sales ladies and the customers, so that I could learn the most natural way of trying to help our clients find the perfect pieces they were searching for.


The Present

I have now been in the jewellery business for 18 years, although it has really been all of my life. I honestly feel blessed to be doing something that I truly love. My drive for perfection and the desire to create timeless pieces that will be loved for a lifetime are undoubtedly things that I learnt from my parents. Such is my love for the trade, that I really couldn’t image doing anything else. However, it is a very different world today to that of years past. The pace of life has greatly increased, and keeping up with all the latest advancements in social media and manufacturing technology requires constant vigilance within the jewellery business. The challenge today is to blend the old world with the new. Our new website is the start of some amazing things to come, incorporating all the latest technology combined with our unique designs and traditional manufacturing. Clients now have the ability to look at their ring from a 360 degree view, so they can be completely comfortable with every aspect of the ring in the comfort of their own home before purchasing it. I am sure that this will not be the last of the innovations to come.

The Future

With four children of my own, (an 8 year old and triplet 6 year olds), there is a good chance that one of them will look to continue the family jewellery business for a third generation. I am sure that the future for them will be just as exciting as it has been for me.