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Perfect Princess Cut Diamonds

Perfect princess cut diamonds are incredibly rare and hard to find. While “Hearts & Arrows” is the term used for super-ideal cut round diamonds that exhibit a complete and precise set of eight symmetrical Hearts and eight symmetrical Arrows when looked at through a Hearts & Arrows Viewer, Passion8 also make perfect princess cut diamonds as well.

Perfect princess cut diamonds

To be awarded the prestigious title of a Passion8 Square, The diamond must receive a triple excellent rating for brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. This is one of the things that really sets a Passion8 square engagement ring apart from its rivals.

Perfect Princess Cut Diamonds Must Have’s

  1. Excellent Brilliance
    • This is the amount of white light that exits the diamond. Diamonds that have more white light appear brighter, as opposed to having a dark appearence.
  2. Excellent Dispersion
    • Often called the “rainbow effect”, dispersion is the blue’s, red’s and yellows you see when you move the stone around. The more perfect princess cut diamond that you have, the it will split the white light into its spectral colours.
  3. Excellent Scintillation
    • Scintillation is know as the “twinkle effect” or flashes of light you see when the stone moves. Perfect princess cut diamonds might have as 50% more “flashes” as a poorly cut diamond. This is often the effect that you will see from a distance away.

Passion8 cert and viewerAs with the round brilliant cut Passion8 diamonds, each PASSION8 sqaure diamond has already been sent to most internationally recognised Gem grading laboratories for identification and grading. For assurance each PASSION8 diamond is sold together with its unique GIA diamond grading and identification report (Certificate). In addition each PASSION8 diamond weighing less than 1.00ct is laser inscribed with its unique Diamond Grading report number, ensuring that the diamond can always be identified.