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With a history spanning over three generations, Hermitage Diamonds sources the most beautiful diamonds from around the world. At Hermitage, our knowledge, passion and experience allow us to provide you with diamonds that are rare, beautiful and valuable. Master cutters craft every Hermitage diamond within set parameters of accepted proportions to ensure their greater brilliance and value.

Only the finest shaped diamond crystals, cut to the finest proportions, will produce stones worthy enough to be Hermitage diamonds.


In Australia, the Hermitage diamond team, with a wealth of training and knowledge, grades the diamonds. Scrutinised by three qualified diamond graders, each gemstone is accurately and consistently graded considering all four C’s: colour, clarity, cut and carat weight.

Stones are expertly matched for proportions, reflection patterns and brightness, ensuring you the most beautiful suite of diamonds. For your peace of mind, stones over 0.50 carats are individually certified and numbered to identify your diamond.

All Hermitage diamonds are guaranteed as conflict-free and are not artificially treated to enhance their appearance. A certificate is a report on a diamond, based on a combination of scientific measurement and visual assessment. While certification is a means of identifying a diamond, it assigns the stone within a range of quality and is not conclusive in determining the value.

A valuation may be necessary in order to insure your piece of diamond jewellery and should be considered only for this purpose.

To ensure the best value in your diamond purchase, establish a relationship with a knowledgeable jeweller of good reputation.