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Hearts and Arrows Perfect Cut

Hearts and arrows diamonds are the most perfectly cut diamonds in the world. When a hearts and arrows round brilliant cut diamond is superbly crafted by a Master Diamond Cutter using ideal cut proportions it is a piece of beauty and brightness to behold.

Passion8 Perfect Cut “Hearts and Arrows” Diamonds

hearts and arrows perfect cut diamond PASSION8 diamonds have been cut to exact and mathematically proven ideal cut proportions producing the ultimate brightness, lustre and beauty money can buy. There is now an amazing range of hearts and arrows engagement rings too.

One of the important factors defining a PASSION8 hearts and arrows diamond is the vivid and symmetrical pattern of hearts and arrows which is unique to super-ideal cut diamonds.

All hearts and arrows diamonds can be defined by the same four 4C’s as any other GIA certified diamond. (Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight). Diamonds with the combination of the heighest 4C ratings are more rare and consequently more valuable.

Hearts & Arrows is the term used for super-ideal cut diamonds that exhibit a complete and precise set of eight symmetrical hearts and eight symmetrical Arrows. The best way to see this is when looked at the diamond through a hearts & arrows viewer.

Hearts & arrows diamonds have three distinguished factors, namely, perfection in polish, symmetry and proportions. Only perfectly cut diamonds that score the highest rating on all three of these are considered eligible to be graded as a true hearts and arrows diamond. True hearts and arrows diamonds form the top 1% of excellent cut grade diamonds in the world. Xennox Diamonds is the exclusive supplier of Passion8 hearts and arrows diamonds in Brisbane CBD. 

The difference between perfect “Hearts & Arrows” and non “Hearts and Arrows”

Hearts and arrows ID chart


Passion8 cert and viewer

Another important factor defining PASSION8 hearts and arrows diamonds is the fact that each PASSION8 diamond has already been sent to GIA for independent diamond grading. In addition each PASSION8 diamond weighing less than 1.00ct is laser inscribed with its unique Diamond Grading report number, ensuring that the diamond can always be identified.