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Rock Her World Book


Rock Her World

Karl Schwantes

The ultimate gift for anyone looking to get engaged or buy a diamond.

About The Author

karl schwantes

bio_photoKarl Schwantes is a leader in the jewellery world and the community. His mission is to keep the industry alive and vibrant, to empower people to invest in jewellery that is divinely unique and to make a difference in the lives of those who need it and love it. As an award winning designer, Karl has an uncanny eye for quality and uniqueness. His craft lies in not only making unique engagement rings but also in connecting with the people who walk through his door, taking them on a journey to find or create a special piece that tells a story. He has helped over 5,000 couples find the right piece for them… helping them create their story – stories that define life’s poignant moments from wedding to birth…and everything in between. He is not just about jewellery; what really makes him hum is creating unforgettable experiences that celebrate life’s breathtaking events. Karl’s passion is to inspire and deliver beyond all expectations and redefining what a jewellery store experience should be like.
Rock Her World Chapters

Chapter 1 – What should I do before I look for a ring?

Having decided to spend the rest of your life with your partner, what ground work do you need to do before venturing out

Chapter 2 – What is going to look the best on my partner’s hand?

With so many different styles to choose from, having a ring that will compliment her hand is crucial.

Chapter 3 – How do I find the jeweller that’s right for me?

There are many different niche jewellers out there, but which one is the right one?

Chapter 4 – Why buying a diamond on the internet is a mugs game

Apart from the many internet scams out there, there are some real dangers associated with buying your diamond online.

Chapter 5 – Engagement ring design tips that will rock her world

Expert style tips on how to really personalise your engagement ring and make it completely unique for your partner.

Chapter 6 – How much should I spend on the Rock?

Is the 3 month rule still relevant? Should both partners contribute to the engagement ring?

Chapter 7 – Diamond 101: How to Master the 4Cs

How to ensure that you are only paying for a difference that you can actually see with your own eyes.

Chapter 8 – How to pick a diamond that sparkles more than any other

The benefits of choosing a high performance diamond like a “hearts and arrows” diamond.

Chapter 9 – What the Independent Diamond Certificate is actually telling you

An in-depth study on how to read a diamond certificate and what all the percentages mean.

Chapter 10 – Can diamonds be an investment?

Should you buy a fancy coloured diamond to use in your engagement ring?

Chapter 11 – 7 steps to the ultimate proposal

How to make it a proposal that she will never forget.

Chapter 12 – How to make sure your engagement ring is protected

Why you should insure your diamond engagement ring before you leave the store, and the insurance horror stories, when it all goes horribly wrong.


Rock Her World Book
Rock Her World


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The 7 Commonly Faced Challenges when Purchasing an Engagement Ring


1. Belief that generic mass market jewellery stores create quality engagement rings.

Unfortunately just because a store is everywhere doesn’t mean that the rings they are selling are of exceptional quality. Mass market produced rings usually only have one goal in mind, to make the ring as light and cheap as possible.

2. Not knowing what engagement ring their partner wanted or know how to do the right research.

Not  knowing what your partner’s style is and what she ultimately wants and likes can create some serious obstacles to beginning the process of finding the dream ring. Not to mention proposing with an engagement ring that your partner hates. In a recent survey conducted – 79% of male respondents agreed with the statement “most men don’t have a clue what a girl wants for an engagement ring.”

3. Giving a ring that impresses their fiancee. In their fiancee's eyes not spending enough on an engagement ring that lasts forever can be devastating.

Diamonds are not like a bottle of wine that gets better with time. Not getting the best engagement ring that you can now, can mean a lifetime of regret and disappointment.

4. Not understanding the core diamond fundamentals.

Finding the perfect diamond is tough. There are so many grading characteristics to take into account. If you are not properly informed, you can end up paying for a difference they can’t see or spending thousands of dollars more than you need to. The questions you need to ask yourself here is – are you buying a diamond or a piece of papers?

5. Not knowing  how to create a ring with maximum 'wow' factor.

When a ring doesn’t have a ‘wow factor there is always a reason why. Poorly designed rings not only make the diamond look worse that it is, but can also cause problems when adding a wedding and eternity ring to the set.

6. Feeling pressured into buying a ring just because it is on sale.

No one likes the used car pushy sales people that are looking for a quick sale, and give cheesy throwaway lines like  “If you don’t but it today, you will miss out on the sale price.”

7. Underestimating the risks of purchasing a diamond or engagement ring on the internet sight unseen.

The parameters of diamond grading are constantly changing, making it harder and harder to choose a beautiful diamond from the certificate. Internet diamond grading mistakes not only make a buying a diamond sight unseen fraught with danger but can cost you thousands.


1. Have an engagement ring crafted that will stand the test of time.

Handcrafted engagement rings have metal that has been hammered and forged, so will not only be stronger, but last longer as well, For complete peace of mind m insist on a lifetime manufacturing warranty.

2. Find out what your perfect engagement ring is.

A professional diamond consultant will help point you in right direction. By getting to know you and your partner, it is easy to discover what your partner’s style is and what looks best on her hand.

3. Find the diamond that will make your partner happy.

By tailoring your diamond to suit your requirements and helping you find the diamond that will not impress your partners, but you will be proud to give her.

4. Have a diamond expert show you what the perfect cut diamond looks like.

Receiving expert advice on diamond grading and international diamond certificates will help you maximise your diamonds performance, and ensure that you are only pay for difference that you can see with your own eyes.

5. Create her perfect dream ring.

We will help you create your ‘WOW’ dream ring. Your professional jewellery designer is experienced in unlocking the full potential of the design you are looking to create. A ring that will not only look better on its own, but will also be designed to sit flush with your perfect wedding band match.

6. Choose the best value for money.

We offer a relaxed environment where we allow you to consider all the options at your own pace. With our  ‘No Sale’ policy. You never have to wait for sale or feel pressured into making a quick decision to get the best value.

7. Not risk buying a diamond sight unseen.

We offer an extensive selection of loose diamonds that have been independently checked by a strict diamond grader for you to compare side by side in different lights, to make sure you choose the diamond that’s right for you.

Rock Her World