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4Cs - Diamond Cuts

Congratulations on choosing the most important of all the 4C’s. Of all the 4C’s, a diamonds cut grade is the only characteristic that will make your partners diamond sparkle. It is the twinkle effect that she will first see the moment that you propose. Creating that first impression is really important to the your future fiancée, so make sure that you allocate as much of your diamond budget to this as you can.

While a Diamond’s cut grade ranges from Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor – Excellent is really the minimum standard that you should aim for. Anatomy  

So how do you know if your diamond is cut perfectly?

Your GIA or independent diamond certificate might say the diamond has an ‘excellent’ cut grade, but what does that really mean? Are all excellent cut grades the same? And are all excellent cut grades priced the same? The following sections take you through some of these issues.

Are all excellent cut grades the same?

I apologise in advance, but it’s time to get a bit technical here. The cut of a diamond is graded according to its percentages. For example, the top facet on a diamond is called a table facet. Diamonds with larger table facet percentages will look flat and lifeless, and I can honestly say they are diamonds I would never buy. A perfectly cut diamond will usually have a table percentage of 56 to 57 per cent. However, according to a lot of diamond grading laboratories, a diamond can have up to a 61 per cent table percentage, and still be eligible to receive an excellent cut grade. Only a diamond cut specialist will be able to help you translate what the diamond certificate parameters really mean, and how they interact with each other and affect the brilliance and performance of the diamond. If I told you a car had four wheels, a gear box and a steering wheel, would I have told you anything about the way the car drives? Diamonds are the same as cars in that way – so many minute characteristics all come together to produce the final performance. Get a few of them wrong, and you are going to end up with something that looks like the real deal, but doesn’t perform like a well-oiled machine. After all, just like the saying, ‘Oils ain’t oils’. My expert tip is to try to choose your diamond with a table percentage of close to 57 per cent, a pavilion angle of 40.7, and a crown angle of 34.5 degrees.

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PASH8-DIAMOND-COMP Are all excellent cut grades priced the same?

Absolutely not. This can be one of the hardest things for the new diamond buyer to comprehend. If a diamond is graded as Excellent, then surely it must be a fantastic stone, right? Not always. When a diamond grading laboratory is grading your diamond, they are simply sorting it into specified groups, using certain parameters. So when it comes to the cut category, all the cut grade is really telling you is where your diamond sits in the cut spectrum. From all the diamonds I see today, I believe that around the top 40 per cent of stones that are graded receive an excellent cut grade. The question you need to ask yourself is where your diamond sits in that top 40 percentile. Did your diamond just scrape into the 40th percentile, or is it in the top 10 per cent, top 5 per cent or top 1 per cent? Believe me, there is a difference between the top 1 per cent and the top 40 per cent in performance and price. Diamonds that are in the top 1 per cent for cut grade are usually 10 to 15 per cent more expensive as they can return more of the light that enters in through the table back out through the top of the diamond. While a top 1 per cent diamond will be simply stunning to look at, if it’s not possible with the budget you have, aim for the next best thing. Diamonds in the top 5 per cent are still going to perform much better than the diamonds that just scraped into the top 30 per cent for cut grade.  

My overall tip: make sure you know where in the cut spectrum your diamond falls At Xennox Diamonds, cut is our passion, and something that we never compromise on. Come and see the difference premium excellent cut grade or high performance diamonds can make to your sparkle. If you are looking for the ultimate, why not come in and see what a high performance diamond like a Passion8 diamond looks like.

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